“Push button deploy” is something that is often hear people requesting or mentioning as something they would like to have. What’s more important, in my opinion, is to provide a reliable and scalable system for both internal and external developers to deploy code to the staging environment for clients to QA. Staging deployments should be as simple as possible. Production releases are slightly more complicated as Operations needs to carefully monitor and coordinate with external parties, but should still use the same base system.

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Requirements for a deployment system


  • deploying a package to 1 server or 100 servers should take the same amount of time and effort


  • Deploy only sanity checked code.
  • Break loudly.
  • Fit with developer culture.


  • Everyone likes thing to happen quickly.
  • Clients don’t do delayed gratification.


  • What is running right now?
  • How can I trace back to a change in the source code?
  • Is what I think really running?
  • Logs, logs, logs


  • It’s Ops, so no one else will be available at 3am to fix it
  • Have to be able to quickly troubleshoot


  • Requirements will change over time.
  • Owned by operations, so changes can be separate from production releases.


Here is what I came up with:

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The criteria for the components chosen is described here
The next posts will go into more detail on individual components.