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taejoon Moon · November 4, 2014 at 23:21

Thanks for your iinformation. I’m a korean linuxser and system admin. Coud you provide this image source if possible?
It’s a good information and I want edit it.

Our company use these tools.
– deployment : Puppet (will prepare mcollected, rabbitmq. But we already use rabbitmq with ELK.)
– config management : Puppet
– monitoring : nagios for linux, mon for windows. We also use customized soluton for alerting. nagios and mon will occur many alerts. If someone want to recieve alert, we use our altering solutions.
– provisioning : only use kickart and pxe without any program.
– log collection : logstash, elasticsearch, graylog2/kibana, rabbitmq, ha-proxy
– capacity/performance : not using any software. We will prepare these tools.
– CI : will prepare at next week. But QA and Env team use jenkins.
– Source control : use subversoin. But will migrate to git.

Also we use these tools for some reasons.

– Security : OSSEC(+OSSEC UI. but OSSEC UI will be migrated to splunk or ELK) / Nessus, jump server(based on openldap+chroot/jail). Will prepare openscap.
– Backup : amanda

mirek · June 18, 2015 at 19:26

Very nice introduction to VimWiki! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you Chris.

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